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Find studies, therapy options, testimonials and interesting facts about brain diseases.

If you found this rehab blog, you probably searched specifically for rehab for neurological conditions. Maybe you are affected yourself. Or one of your loved ones. Or maybe you're just interested in the topic of neurological rehab. With the diagnosis of a neurological disease, questions upon questions often arise. "What exactly is a stroke?" "How exactly does brain surgery work?" "Why is exercise actually particularly important in neurorehab?"

In the rehab blog we would like to answer these and many other questions. Because we know that the Wikipedia article often raises more questions than it can answer and that many questions get lost in the chaos of daily life.
We write these articles for those who are wondering at this moment if they will ever be able to cope with everyday life under the new circumstances. For those who are entering completely new territory here and for whom professional journals are of no help at the moment. Or for those who have perhaps never dealt with neurorehabilitation and now want to make up for it. With this blog we would like to inform you about neurological diseases, their consequences and neurorehabilitation. We let patients, relatives, therapists and doctors tell us about their experiences, ideas, chances and possibilities. We present scientific findings - without Wikipedia jargon.

We want to show what neurological diseases actually mean and how neurorehabilitation could look like.